Gabriella Toro founded Cippananda (chi-pa-nan-da) Interior Design in 1991 when she relocated from her native Italy to Los Angeles.  Since then Cippananda has become a highly regarded interior design firm that enhances the architectural vision and creates environments that consistently delight her clients.
 Cippananda has built its reputation by designing exceptional spaces.  These projects include  family homes, condominiums, vacation retreats, restaurants, and corporate offices.
 For years Gabriella Toro's skills in coordinating and overseeing projects has provided the synergy between home owners, architects and contractors. 

Recently, to answer consumer wishes for outstanding design and workmanship, contained costs and timely delivery, Gabriella has partnered with Italian Architect Silvia Lombardo to create TORO-LOMBARDO DESIGN BUILD. This new firm continues to provide its design services for residential, multi-family and hospitality projects as in the past, and has now acquired a general contractor's license that allows TORO-LOMBARDO DESIGN BUILD to see a project from concept to completion.   

Whether for new construction or remodel, the design-build process offers complete control over the implementation of the design while minimizing risks for the client and resulting in a shorter delivery time.

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(310) 396-1515
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521 Stand Street
Santa Monica , CA  90405
Los Angeles County
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