The mission of Calabasas High School is to prepare all students - 
the PACK - to become positive, contributing
21st century global citizens.

School-wide Expected Learning Goals:

P:   The PACK will demonstrate the ability to address 
          complex, real-world PROBLEMS logically.

A:   The PACK will demonstrate the ability to 
         ANALYZE and APPLY essential data to prepare 
         for complex jobs of the future.

C:  The PACK will demonstrate the ability to 
        COMMUNICATE ideas to peers and adults in an 
        effective manner through speech, writing and 

K:  The PACK will develop moral and civic 
         responsibilities and KNOW how to become 
         contributing members in local and global 

Main phone number: 
(818) 222-7177
Contact email: 
22855 Mullholland Hwy
Calabasas , CA  91302
Los Angeles County
Site special requirements: 
By percentage, what is the demographic of the population you serve?: 
What is the minimum number of hours you would require of a student in service per term: